No notifications to client after approval process

Situation: We are a marketing agency scheduling for clients.

Issue: Interns scheduling need their copy and content approved. In the approval process it goes to the assigned manager, but once the manager approves it a notification goes to the client email REGARDLESS OF THEIR NOTIFICATIONS BEING TURNED OFF.

Steps taken: We brought this to the attention of Sendible and they told us that it is what it is, but thanks for the suggestion. They said they can turn off notifications for everyone (including the approving manager, which in that case would never get the posts to approve... so why even suggest that) OR we can change the email on the client account so they go to a different email. All our emails are occupied and we have MULTIPLE clients; so they're saying we need to create an email for every single client? Horrible idea. It would be best to turn off these notifications...

  • Arielle de Garcia
  • Jul 30 2021
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