Double-check if posts went live or bounced in the event of an outage on the social sites end, which would not offer bounce message if post failed

In some cases, outages on the social-sites end (primarily Facebook and Instagram) may cause them to do one of the following:

  1. Reject the post but not send Sendible an error notifying them that the post has been rejected, leading Sendible to not notify us that a post has bounced.

  2. Not reject a post, and have it go live normally, but send an error through to Sendible (tell Sendible the post has been rejected), notifying us that the post has bounced, when it really hasn't.

  3. When the post is being forwarded to the social site, it is not processed correctly due to an outage on the social sites end, which causes the post to publish multiple times.

It would be great if there was a way for Sendible to double-check if the post has published or not, so that we have more warning, and so that the Undelivered section is more accurate during Facebook and Instagram outages.

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  • Jun 25 2021
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