Keep edited queue messages together


We would love a way to keep posts that are edited together (i.e. one post going out to multiple platforms with small tweaks per platform) when added to the queue.

When you make the edits to each platform, the post breaks into separate posts meaning that when it gets put into a queue, they go into separate time slots.

This specifically affects us because our clients approve the content so it's partially out of our control. Our work around has been to schedule the posts for the same time however, we find issues with some clients who have a lengthy approval process (due to their industry) and they may approve a batch of content after the date we scheduled them so they'll get a series of posts all sent out immediately.

  • Laura Ferrari
  • Apr 20 2021
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  • Sarah Day commented
    26 Aug, 2021 03:52pm

    I agree! I like the queues and being able to recycle content in them, but I would prefer that all of my audiences on each platform get the same messages on the same days.