Have uploaded media on same screen as calendar to easily select photos/videos

In another feature request, I asked for a calendar view that shows the photos/videos of the content on the calendar rather than the text. (or at least have a choice to see photo view).

This feature request goes along with that idea. I would like to be able to see all of the uploaded media AND the calendar on 1 screen. This allows us to select content that coordinates well both from an information sharing timtable and graphically on your IG grid. It's also helpful for other visual timelines as people scroll through (like FB).

Later.com does a nice job of this on their main calendar page. I've attached a file of what that screen looks like. You can see the content I have to select from on the left , my calendar on the right, and 2 events I've uploaded that I can see the photos associated.

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  • Jan 19 2021
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