Add additional functionality to the Link-Preview feature

Currently, if you use the link-preview feature in order to examine the what your post will look like when it goes live, the only responsive section within the link preview is the url which you may have attached in the text.

All other sections of the link preview are completely unresponsive, and could therefore create some confusion when examining the link preview, because this is not how the actual link preview will respond once the post goes live.

This could be especially frustrating when one would like to replace the link preview image with a different image, and then test this to make sure the link preview redirects you to the intended url, and not open the image in a new tab.

Currently, the only way to make sure is if you publish the post on the social site, and check after the fact.

In the attached image, the green are is the responsive part of the link preview (the url), and the red part is the unresponsive part (the rest of the link preview).

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  • Nov 23 2020
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