Want to be the best service - add all this

  1. Calendar view that shows all posts together - queued, scheduled etc. And select multiple profiles or groups. Need this to know what is going on with our future postings. Otherwise were could be scheduling posts at the same time.

  2. Make a bulk uploader similar to Agorapulse

  3. Make reporting easier by creating a report and being able to copy that report to another profile/group, so we can use the same report for multiple profiles/groups/clients. Currently its a time waster to have to create from the beginning a similar report for each profile.

  4. Need a dashboard screen to see stats of whats going on with all our accounts. Data needs to be presented. How many profiles, whats next going out, a 360 overview of our account.

  5. My Content needs to have folders so we can keep related content easily accessible to find. This would also make it easier to use the media library for bulk publishing.

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  • Oct 9 2020
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