Overhaul the terrible UI

Everyone would benefit from it. It's useful because you're making absolutely horrendous decisions with your UI. Your "bulk" message composer only shows 3 rows no matter how tall my browser is. The image previews are tiny. The calendar doesn't even have image previews. Hover states need hoverintent (hover for .1s before it actually activates). The dropdown popups constantly get in the way when trying to click other buttons. Trying to work quickly in your interface is just impossible.

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  • Jul 30 2020
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    31 Jul, 2020 12:43am

    Should also be able to directly drag images into the image column. Having to click the image column and wait for a popup and drag it there is just an extra step. And when I click the "X" to remove an image it should just remove the image, not assume I want to upload something in its place and pop the thing up which I then have to close immediately.

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    31 Jul, 2020 12:10am

    I almost forgot about how in the bulk composer, when you select a field and start typing, there is no button or anything to confirm or cancel after you change something, you just have to click outside the box somewhere. If you accidentally click INSIDE the box anywhere during your edit, all your work just disappears, gone forever.

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    31 Jul, 2020 12:05am

    Also why the heck can't I just click one button to auto-pick dates and times? You already have the function. I can click to select an optimized time when I'm doing one single post but in the bulk message composer, the purpose of which is supposed to be SAVING time, I have to manually select a date and time for EVERY post? This is just POORLY thought out.

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    31 Jul, 2020 12:04am

    And the calendar doesn't expand to the height of the browser until you resize the browser, then it pops open. But it closes again if you move anything. Absolutely maddening.