Assign permanent, automatic hashtags to a service/customer

As an agency that serves clients across the country, I have business clients that will always use certain hashtags in a post - primarily their geographic location and other locally popular hashtags (i.e. for a business in downtown Chicago, they would always want in every post - like #Chicago, #downtownChicago, #ChicagoLoop, etc.)

It would be great if we could assign these "permanent" hashtags so they would always be automatically applied to every post for that business account. Then if I have a service list with 5 clients, a new post would automatically start with their own respective "permanent" hashtags. Then I could add more hashtags about the content specific to that post.

So lets say these 5 clients are all bicycle shops and I post something for them about bike safety. Each account would start with their own local (permanent) hashtags (i.e., #Chicago, #Atlanta, etc.), and then I could add post-relevant hashtags like #bikesafety to all the posts.

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  • Jul 24 2020
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