Multiple images; location; drafts

We love Sendible. Here's our feedback about improvements we would like:

  1. Doesn’t send multiple photos to the social platforms. For example, if I schedule a post for IG or FB to post with more than one photo, it only sends the first one added to the scheduled post.

  2. Setting Location - doesn’t allow you to set the city location, when scheduling a post, the. Location feature only searches businesses and not city’s. For example, I can’t ever add Asheville as a location. I have to do it after it has posted.

  3. Draft to approval. Saves the draft in sendible although you’ve gotten approval. I.e. if you send a draft for approval, it should delete the draft instead of leaving it as a place holder.

  4. For IG, when you compose separated paragraphs, once it’s posted to IG, there is no line between paragraphs. They run together.

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  • Mar 29 2020
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    31 Mar, 2020 05:56pm

    Yeah, why can't you send multiple photos to be posted? Sendbile tricks you into thinking that's what you are doing but then they don't all show up. Why would this feature not automatically be included?