Preview how the social post looks like on the social site when published

All users would benefit from it. As of now, all we see is a post being sent out. It would be better to see how it would actually look like on the social profile in order to make the necessary edits. 

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  • May 31 2018
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  • Admin
    Gavin Hammar commented
    27 Nov 19:01

    Thanks for all your feedback on this feature. This is now being prioritised, but we need your help:

    Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram - which of those is your top priority when it comes to checking post previews?

  • Gary Lineker commented
    27 Nov 19:03


  • Chris Hodge commented
    27 Nov 19:17

    Definitely Instagram

  • Pam Truswell commented
    28 Nov 00:18


  • Kirsty Imms commented
    28 Nov 01:17

    Facebook and Instagram

  • George Hawwa commented
    28 Nov 02:39

    Facebook and Instagram

  • Michelle Armes commented
    28 Nov 16:13

    Facebook and Instagram

  • Laura Ferrari commented
    28 Nov 22:01

     say I'm the odd one going with LinkedIn :). It's more of an issue when using links and how the link preview displays on LinkedIn specifically that has come across as odd sometimes. But if not LinkedIn, I'd say Facebook.

  • Admin
    Gavin Hammar commented
    29 Nov 17:16

    Thanks so much for all your responses. We have a prototype we'd love to show you all to get your feedback. I'm going to be hosting a Zoom meeting to share this on Wednesday at 11am EST. If you'd like an invite, please let me know in the comments. We'd love your help building this out! 

  • Katrina Vila commented
    29 Nov 17:38

    HI! Too late to join zoom?

  • Laura Ferrari commented
    29 Nov 17:43

    Awesome! I may not be able to attend live but if you could record it that would be great. If not, please send me an invite and I'll try to get someone on my staff to attend for me :). Thanks!

  • kayla lopez commented
    29 Nov 18:12

    I'd love an invite!

    I say Instagram or LinkedIN - I agree with you Laura!

  • John Miller commented
    29 Nov 18:25

    Facebook and Instagram and I would love an invite! 

  • Trevor Tinney commented
    29 Nov 18:51

    Instagram. Profile appearance on this platform is important because of the gallery display and seeing your strategies before posting can make a big difference.  

    Here is an application that is already doing it for Instagram: The Preview App

  • Admin
    Gavin Hammar commented
    11 Dec 11:10

    We had a great first session last week where we walked a few of you through the new prototype of this feature. Thanks for all your feedback! We're going to do another session this week. If you missed the first one and would like an invite, please let me know in the comments.

  • Katrina Vila commented
    11 Dec 13:41

    I agree with Trevor (preview app) I missed last meeting would love an invite to the next please! Thanks Gavin!