Improve the user client approval process

At the moment, if I want to create a post for m client which will be visible in their dashboard there's no option for me to create this post from my dashboard, and I will have to switch over to their dashboard.


That's fairly simple, however, if I want to create a post to send them for approval, I'll have to create that post from within their dashboard, and if they approve or reject it I won't be notified, because the post was created from their own dashboard. 


This process needs to be improved, so that it's easier for me to create posts that I can send to my client for approval, and when they're approved or rejected, to email me instead of the email address on the clients dashboard.

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  • Jan 20 2020
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  • Baylee Kraus commented
    28 Dec, 2020 04:09pm

    looking forward to having this implemented to make the post approval process easier for myself and my clients! Time saving processes are important.

  • lauren Swanson commented
    27 Oct, 2020 05:38pm

    And even without the approval process! The client should be able to see what any or all users have scheduled for their profiles regardless of if they need to be approved or not.

  • Rich Steel commented
    17 Jun, 2020 10:20am

    This is so important! I'm baffled that is hasn't been implemented. It's next to impossible to create a meaningful approval workflow at the moment.