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Has anyone ever worked with Planable? It's the easiest/most intuitive scheduler I've ever worked with. It's extremely visual. Much like in the calendar view in Sendible, in order to schedule a post, you click on the day in the calendar and the Composer pops up. Type out all your copy, choose to upload a photo, video, or file, edit your photo, add tag lists, and choose what time you want it to post (including time zone), all from that view. When you hit schedule, it immediately shows up on the calendar with a tiny, vibrant picture preview. BUT, unlike Sendible, the Planable platform allows for approvals and scheduling to happen right there in the calendar view. Just hover over the post, and choose from "Approve," "Schedule," or "Send Now." There's also a user/client comment box attached to each and every post so your team member can directly communicate with your clients. Please, Please, can Sendible take this planning/approval/view model and combine it with Sendible's composer and calendar features???!

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  • Sep 19 2019
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    Shanaaz Banks commented
    14 Oct, 2019 10:31am

    We are happy to announce we've released the ability to view messages for approval from within the calendar view. We hope this makes planning life a lot easier for you! šŸ˜Š