Add image validations to the Bulk Composer as well, so that we know if the image is wrong for the posts scheduled, before scheduling, so that it down't bounce.

When scheduling posts in bulk, we have encountered the following issue.


Unlike the normal compose box, when composing posts in bulk, if I attach an image to my post which is the wrong size/format/aspect ratio e.t.c, there'll be no validation which will pop up and let me know that the image will not be accepted by the social site I'm posting to, so the post will eventually bounce.


And given that this is for the bulk composer, it could potentially cause a large number of posts to bounce.


However, if you schedule these posts individually in the normal compose box, they're validated, and if any images are the wrong size (e.t.c you'll get an error stating that there's an issue, and that the image needs to be edited.


It would be great if we could get that same validation on the bulk composer as well, so that we don't have multiple posts bounce at a time, when this could be avoided.


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  • Jul 23 2019
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