Ability to view both Sent and Scheduled posts in one calendar

This would so helpful! If I can get a bird's eye view of all my content without having to juggle from one view to another that would be amazing.

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  • Jun 13 2019
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  • Patrick Fallon commented
    05 Sep 08:55

    Totally agree. This is a no-brainer, must-have feature.  A simple fix would be to have the various view options as checkboxes all visible in the one sidebar (a la Google Calendar) so the user can check or uncheck any and all at the same time - drafts, sent,scheduled, queued etc.  I spend way too long searching from tab to tab and view to view to see the gaps in my content calendar.

  • Rob Wilkinson commented
    12 Sep 16:53


  • Morgane Legendre commented
    12 Sep 16:55

    This would be really helpful

  • Rachel Greeno commented
    18 Sep 23:57

    This is very close to what Planable has. Planable has an awesome content planner/calendar. When the post is published, it fades to gray tones so it's obvious it's been published.

  • Neil Parzych commented
    17 Oct 16:59

    Can't believe this isn't a feature yet - would also love to be able to see sent and scheduled while I'm composing.

  • Ville-Veikko Mastomäki commented
    29 Oct 09:20

    Are there plans to implement this idea to the platform?

    We are planning to subscribe, but the lack of this feature is on such on obvious flaw we may have to choose Hootsuite even thou it is twice the price... 

  • Allan McNabb commented
    10 Dec 13:32

    This is super important.  It is a major hassle to have to work in 2 calendars at a time. 

  • Guest commented
    12 Dec 02:20

    Much Needed.

    Several new social media management platforms offer this feature.