RSS Auto Poster, add options: Description and image, Image only

In the "Post the following content" section, you currently have the following options:

- Title with link

- Title and description

- Title, link and image

- Title, description, link and image

- Description, link and image

- Description only

- Link only

- Title only


However, you are missing the two I would use which are:

- Description and image

- Image only


I understand you need a link to link back, and that is in the RSS already, but why must it be visible?

Why can't we have an "image only" and you auto link the image to the link in the RSS without the link bein visible in the body? 

Or why can't we have a "Description and image" option and have the image link to the link in the RSS and NOT forcefully show it on the description?


I have tried your "Description, link and image" option but that forces the link to be visible at the end of the description and I don't want that since my description already includes it. It ends up showing it twice.


I have tried your "Description only" but that fails to upload images to services like pinterest or instagram.

What you currently have is good, but not usable for our needs at the moment. We would mostly need the two missing ones. If its a thing of it needing the link to link back, that is okay. Link the image back to the link in the RSS but don't make it forcefully added to the body or description. 



I have an RSS of memes. I want to upload the memes to facebook, instagram & pinterest. So I clearly need the "Description and image" option. I tried the "Description, link and image" but that adds a link at the end of the description at a place I don't want it. I include the link already within the description to sound like a human inside of a sentence. Your method forces it at the end like a robot and it looks bad since I cannot add it within my description.


I attended one of your tutorial live sessions and I was told you could not add "Description and image" because you required a link back. However, that makes no sense since your "Title and description" or your "Title only" options do not include a link on the post. If they link back it is because you still added the link to the post to generate a preview and it links, so why can't you do that to the "Description and image" or the "image only" options? You can add the link to link back but not forcefully add the link to the post description. 

  • JC Garcia
  • Feb 20 2019
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