Facebook still klunky

I can put together a post (one of many a week) scheduled into the future on the business's main Facebook page more quickly than on Sendible. We put lots of links in the post to other FB pages. I cut-paste the link page @yourfacebookpageaddress, plug it INTO A SENTENCE and the post reads with the words as a live link. I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME waiting for Sendible's system to decide if there's a FB page to link to, and it sometimes it can't find one, even though I have it open on another tab. And when it does find it, I can't put a comma or other normal English punctuation properly around the live-link name. Example: It has an extra space after the live link phrase and a comma. Going back to posting on actual FB pages, scheduling out posts.

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  • Sep 28 2018
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