Tagging & editing content for each service when 'Composing in Bulk'

The ability to schedule in bulk is a fantastic idea but the execution of the service on Sendible at the moment lacks somewhat compared to the usual compose option. There is no option to change the message being sent out on each 'service'....

The idea behind composing in bulk means saving time and effort... with the current set up we have to compose each message uniquely (for instagram including hashtags and twitter being cautious of word count) at present it's the same message for all and tags do not work!

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  • Sep 21 2018
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  • Connor Schumer commented
    24 May, 2021 01:13am

    My agency highly requests this also. It would save me several hours each week!

    Here's our current process for social clients:

    1 - ⬆️ Bulk upload a month's worth of content with CSV template and drag & drop each image

    2 - ✅ Client approves / rejects

    3 - 🛠 We make amendments

    4 - #️⃣ I now go into every instagram post for that batch and add the hashtags, one-by-one in schedule tab

    5 - 📅 Content is now officially scheduled

    6 - ⏰ Every morning from 8am (when our posts go out) I check out posts for errors

    7 - 🔗 Whenever I see a post with a link, go to insta on our phone and manually edit to "link in bio" or a variation of that

    Steps 4 and 7 could totally be eliminated with this feature request. Just number 7 - 🔗 alone takes 45m-1.5hrs each day and approx. 5-6 hours a week, just spent manually editing the bulk-uploaded content as it launches. 4 - #️⃣also could also disappear if the bulk-upload feature had the same functionality of the composer feature. Namely:

    1 - #️⃣ importing hashtags from our CSV

    2 - 🔗 modifying the text for instagram and removing the links in text (priority - save approx. 5hrs/wk)

    Feel free to contact me with any questions. 💬

  • Guest commented
    7 Dec, 2020 08:11am

    Yes please! This feature will be so useful because most of the time content is customized for platforms like twitte and instagram so not being able to edit makes bulk scheduling nul and void.