Planning drafts with the tabs so we can customize the character count for each outlet and save them.

I saw the new update, but it's still not usable for my purposes. In order to plan out the month, I need the "tab" options, so that I can customize the character count, hashtags and links for each social media outlet. In the images attached you can see the difference in the options. Even with the update I still have to make the posts day by day because if I use the draft, I cannot access the tabs and customize. E.g., insta has 2200 character count whereas twitter is 280, so I reduce  my message for twitter. I still want to be able to plan it out and set the date.

  • Shelley Costantini
  • Oct 12 2019
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  • Troy Roberson commented
    19 May, 2020 08:23pm

    Yes, please keep the draft the same as the "Smart Post" feature within the regular compose box. There is no good reason to break up the post into separate drafts that have to be edited individually later.

  • Guest commented
    5 Nov, 2019 03:17pm

    I am having exactly the same issue and the same needs. It would also be really nice to be able to do the following two things:

    1) color code drafts so I can tell what kind of post it is (like a meme, or an educational post)

    2) copy the drafts en masses to the following month, since I make new posts based on the same variety of posts.

  • John Pilato commented
    16 Oct, 2019 12:58pm

    I had this exact same problem and also want this to be fixed. In the meantime I have figured out a way around the current issue and will share it:


    1. Open the compose box

    2. Select the platforms you want to post on*

    3. Type your post in the 'original' box and include your image if you're posting one

    4. Click on the other platform tabs and see that your msg has copied to these tabs

    5. NOW schedule the post (don't save as draft) - this will make the software create a separate post for the same day/time for each platform you've selected and you can edit them to suit character limits, hashtag requirements etc


    *you must do this before you start typing any text or including an image or it won't work


    Hope this helps you in the short term 😊