Ability To Schedule the Same Post On Multiple Services For Different Times/Days

It would be very helpful if you could take one post with the same content and schedule it for different times across different services while still being able to modify the text.

For example, you want to post "Happy Monday" with a picture. You want it to go out on Twitter at 9AM, Facebook at 10AM and Instagram at 11AM. On Twitter & Instagram, you add #MondayMorning while not adding anything to it on Facebook. You only hit compose once, therefore saving you time if you want the same content across all services.

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  • Jun 3 2019
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  • Guest commented
    22 Aug 03:02am

    my first trial day today and just found this thread googling for exactly this function. Since this is still not possible, my trial phase ends here and I just signed up for Socialpilot. Plus there I can duplicate posts..

  • Guest commented
    18 May 12:02pm

    I, too, am here to agree that the ability to create one post for more than one social network but at different times is a must for me. I came to Sendible to use their free trial, but not having the option to, for example, post to my Linkedin profile and LinkedIn page but schedule them at two different times in the day is a non-starter for me.

  • Troy Roberson commented
    16 Jan 07:56pm

    YES please! I came here to make this same suggestion. I thought the whole point of the Smart Compose Box was so you can modify the post to each individual platform? Adding the schedule day and time to each service/tab would be a huge benefit. As someone else mentioned, the optimal time to post on instagram is not the same as facebook. I typically post to IG in the mornings and FB in the evenings. Thank you!

  • Guest commented
    11 Nov, 2021 12:35pm

    Yes please! Surely thats the whole point of that compose message with different tabs? Optimum times arent necessarily the same for all platforms! Thanks

  • Steph Barclay commented
    1 Jul, 2021 02:35pm

    This would be so useful - with Twitter being so fast moving we often advertise an event every day, but Facebook or Linkedin two or three times a week.

  • Guest commented
    23 Oct, 2019 08:13pm

    Oh yeah, this is something I'm really looking forward to seeing - hopefully soon. :)