Split draft message to different channels

The drafting flow is very awkward at the moment. If I create a draft message, and go back to edit it later, the editor does not allow me to modify the message for different channels. However, if I schedule the message right away, it does. This is rather inconsistent user experience and causes unnecessary double work, please fix it.

  • Jaakko Karhu
  • Apr 14 2022
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  • Jaakko Karhu commented
    14 Apr 10:23am

    Ah, ignore my previous comment, I posted on a wrong thread

  • Jaakko Karhu commented
    14 Apr 10:21am

    Actually, this is not a feature request, this is a bug report. I took another look of the flow, and I noticed, that if I take the last entity of the series and check uncheck the repeat, that entity disappears, but all the previous posts in the series become "independent" and not repeated. To me this feels like a bug at this point.