Unbind repeated scheduled post entity from the series

I wanted to make series of post placeholders at a certain time, so that I have an overview what should go out around what given time. However, it seems that if I modify one of those scheduled entities, it modifies all of them. If I toggle the repeat option off from that post, then all of the other repeated posts disappear.

I don't want to create my placeholders one by one, please add a feature to unbind a post entity from the series.

How this should work: create repeated scheduled posts. Click single entity --> Toggle "unbind from series" --> move/modify the post freely, without side effects

  • Jaakko Karhu
  • Apr 14 2022
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  • Jaakko Karhu commented
    14 Apr 10:30am

    And coming back to comment on this one more time. Gave one more try for the feature, and now all of the entities of the series are deleted, if I uncheck the "repeat" box at the end of the series. So, the behaviour is not consistent, it is very confusing and basically renders this whole feature useless for me. Sorry to be so direct about this, but these are the features why I wanted the planner in the first place, and now it seems Sendible is not ready with them.

  • Jaakko Karhu commented
    14 Apr 10:23am

    Actually, this is not a feature request, this is a bug report. I took another look of the flow, and I noticed, that if I take the last entity of the series and check uncheck the repeat, that entity disappears, but all the previous posts in the series become "independent" and not repeated. To me this feels like a bug at this point.