Allow scheduling of queues to be every second or third week rather than every week.

  • Larissa Bilston
  • Mar 7 2022
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  • Michelle Gilbert commented
    29 Apr 04:24pm

    This would be incredibly valuable for my organization. I would like to create a queue just for promotional content to run twice a month on an evergreen basis: invites to sign up for an optin, etc. As it is, if these are interspersed in other queues, they'll run too often. I'm having to manually manage these and it is taking up too much time.

    For organizations that don't post daily, we need an extra option to allow us to post, for example, 2 testimonials a month, 3 promotional posts a month, etc. Our content ratios are determined by what we do weekly, not daily, so posting these items once a week is simply too much.