See Comments and Feedback in Calendar View

Right now, calendar view is the only screen in which you can sort by channel and platforms. For an agency with multiple and several channels for clients, only relying on the unreliable "For Me" and "For Others" tabs to view comments doesn't work. Things get lost, things sit on one person who leaves comments but doesn't move things or @ the person they are commenting to. As an agency we can only control so many factors and can't force our clients to "@" and send for approval to the team member each time.

If you could click on a post in the calendar view and still see the comments and feedback there, it would eliminate the struggles of "For Me" and "For Others" - it would also allow the feedback and comments to stay with the post the entire time because once a post is approved or deleted from the "For Me" / "For Others" tabs - the chain of comments is lost.

  • Katy Kemp
  • Aug 7 2020
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