Also add validations to the RSS Autoposters

When my RSS autoposter schedules posts from my blog, I would like there to be a notification or a warning on the dashboard which indicates the if my post will bounce or not, for whatever reason.

So for example, if my RSS autoposter schedules a post for Twitter but there's 300 characters in the post, I'd like to be notified of this before the post goes out so as to avoid any posts bouncing.

The same thing would go for images, and making sure that the images which have been pulled from the autoposter are suitable for the services the post will be going out to, and that they meat the social sites requirements.

This would be extremely helpful in order to make sure there's as little bouced posts as possible, because most of my clients posts are from RSS autoposters, and we can't always be on top of our dashboard monitoring our scheduled/bounced posts.

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  • Apr 23 2020
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