Dashboards for different clients

Creating a new dashboard for each different client or group would help organize posts by client/group without having to add another user. A new dashboard would allow us to organize posts by client/group and help keep track of posts and reports by profile.

  • Marissa Hill
  • Jun 25 2019
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  • Jarrod Walker commented
    22 Oct, 2019 05:45pm

    YES!!!!! Please. We need this or some variation of this. Even if we don't get a separate dashboard initially.. Just being able to segment/group services for a specific client is much needed.  It could be as simple as reworking the way lists are set up and allow you to add services to a specific list/group and you can schedule post by list/group which will go out to all services that are assigned to that list/group. 

  • Guest commented
    12 Jul, 2019 04:09pm

    Yes. this is an extremely important function to enable client specific posting.  currently the format is cumbersome and prone to error and for agencies managing multiple clients, having easily distinguishable folders/groups etc that allow client segregation is a core function that we all need.