Campaign Queues - An Easy Way to rotate Campaign Posts

Bear with me here, this might be a long one...

The idea behind Campaign Queues is to make the Queuing process a lot easier to. For example, i have 3 Marketing Campaigns that I want to post on my Socials. Each one of these Campaigns has a number of Posts in them.

E.g. Apple Campaign (which I have 3 different posts for), Orange Campaign (which I have 5 different posts for), and a Banana Campaign (which I have 7 posts for)

To schedule in all of these would be very time consuming, and would make it seem very regimented on the Social Media Pages... However, I want these ads on at different times in the day, so it doesn't feel as forced - BUT - I don't want to have a two posts from the same campaign next to each other...

The Solution: To overcome this, I propose Campaigns that you can treat as different entities - so say I have a Queue that posts 5 times a day, I queue in the 3 campaigns previously mentioned (that have the different adverts within themselves) and they each rotate through their own ads when they are called upon to upload. 


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  • Nov 16 2018
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