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Services allow users to use a "tag" to identify unique social profiles by a customization element such as a parent account name or market group title. Currently the search features in services and compose do not allow a user to search using a tag or a custom field. Support for this feature would allow clients to utilize tags. Currently there is no purpose for the option other than adding the tag just to have it on the service when you view details for each individually.

  • Caleb Castro
  • Sep 13 2018
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  • Caleb Castro commented
    17 Jan, 2019 02:25pm

    It could also be helpful to name this conversion "Label", "Flag", or "Pin". Something to differentiate it from the "Tag' verbiage already in use for the tool. Sendible uses "Tagging" to create custom fields that are pulled in similar to Merge Variables. In my opinion the naming should be changed to this and not Tag but if it must stay, then when a true tagging system is created, the naming will need to be unique which is where my recommendations come in.