Add sort and bulk features to the "For Me" and "For Others" tabs

If you're an agency with several accounts, platforms and logins - the For Me and For Others tabs get out of hand, FAST. And if you're the admin who needs to sort and approve or leave comments for only ONE of several clients, then going individually post by post in the For Me tab becomes cumbersome and things get lost, stacked on. Right now, you can only filter by date and the search box does NOT work. Same as the ability to filter by channel in the calendar view, sorting in those tabs would save SO MUCH TIME.

Additionally, some of our clients have complained about having to individually approve each post. They like viewing and leaving comments when needed but for clients with multiple channels/platforms, they get tired of it when doing content a month at a time. Bulk approval would greatly improve user experience.

  • Katy Kemp
  • Aug 7 2020
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