Update the IOS app to support latest device screen sizes

The IOS app still does not support the screen sizes of the iPhone X or later devices. Over a year in and the app still hasn't been updated to cover the entire screen. Feels like the app is being left behind while competitors are gaining traction.

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  • Dec 28 2018
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  • Jon Clark commented
    23 Jan 13:40

    Totally agree. Most of my clients want a more streamlined app process and the ability to post from their phone. The interface is lagging behind what Sprout Social offers as a comparison.

  • Josh Torres commented
    27 Mar 14:48

    Agree. Feels like I'm using a system that is dead.

  • Jeff Coward commented
    22 Apr 20:41

    Agreed. Social media is more mobile than ever and is only going to continue that route. The app should be the number one priority these days and include all the features of the desktop.

  • Stephanie Fellen commented
    09 Sep 07:50

    Fully agree, the iOS app is clearly not user friendly and should be improved