Update Twitter Reporting Module Description

Under Twitter Sent/Received Metrics - the reporting module lists out:

1. Tweets Sent

2. Mentions Received

3. Direct Messages Received

4. Total Sent/Received Tweets


This data all makes perfect sense, however, the module along with these metrics titled "Number of Messages You Received Changed By X%" comes across a bit confusing as the description doesn't fully explain what this percentage is reflecting. 

For example, I reached out to support as our messages for the month of July was 0 - but our mentions received was 17. The percentage stated "the number of messages you received changed by 13.33% since last period."


This appeared incorrect to me as we received 0 messages, how could they possibly have increased by 13.33%? 

However, once I put in a support ticket, I was informed that the percentage actually takes into account both direct messages received and mentions. After realizing this, the percentage does make sense by the wording and description of the module should be updated to better reflect the data. 


I probably wouldn't have noticed this if our messages weren't 0, but as you can see since they were, it yielded a lot of confusion. 


Attached is a snapshot of our July report.

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  • Aug 16 2019
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