Ability to generate reports from Google My Business

We all love Sendible's abilty to create good looking reports on social channels.

With the addition of Google My Business it only makes sense to be able to generate GMB reports, especially since Google does not provide an easy way to export reports from their interface, and it's even harder with their newest interface.

Important info, such as traffic from "website" button in Google Search, or call tracking, are actually available through the API. This would be very useful especially for those with multiple locations, and/or agencies that want to report on GMB stats to clients. 

Agree? Just upvote the idea :)

  • Joel B
  • Sep 27 2018
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  • Annette Victor-Hall commented
    December 06, 2018 01:04

    One of the reasons we chose Sendible over Hootsuite was the ability to schedule posts to GMB with Sendible.  We were very disappointed when we found out that we can't generate any reports.  As the original author of this idea said, you can't download the insights reports.  

  • Joel B commented
    09 Jan 16:39

    With this report you would be able to tell your clients how many leads your GMB posts generated, INCLUDING PHONE CALLS ! You dont get this kind of info with other social networks this is great stuff for clients and a great COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE for Sendible users over competing solutions !

    Come on people please upvote this ;)

    & Happy 2019 to all :)

  • Guest commented
    31 May 17:23

    Agreed, we need this information. I've been told there isn't an API endpoint for this data, but systems like Supermetrics are pulling it. See image.