Instagram Reporting - Include all metrics available on app

We would love to see more of the statistics in the dashboard that you can see directly within the Instagram app. Below are notes from our team on what they're having to refer to the app's reporting for over the dashboard...

For Engagement Metrics in the dashboard we get:

* Likes Received

* Comments Received (All Posts)

* Comments Received (Posts This Period)

* Posts Sent

In Instagram, I like to go to Insights > Posts and some of the other criteria you can filter by are:

* Followers (So if anyone directly followed after seeing the post)

* Profile Visits

* Post Interactions

* Saves

* Shares

* Website/Call Button Taps (Depends on What Their Profile’s CTA Is)

* Video Views

I also look at the Audience feature, to see what the demographics are for their followers. I have a screen recording attached, but the sections offered are: Location, Age, Gender, and Most Active Times.

Instagram also offers metrics on Stories. It’s pretty similar to posts, with a few more options:

* Call Button Taps

* Email Button Taps

* Exited

* Follows

* Next Story

* Get Direction Taps

* Impressions

* Link Clicks

* Forward

* Profile Visits

* Reach

* Replies

* Shares

* Text Button Taps

* Website Taps

* Story Interactions

  • Laura Ferrari
  • Apr 20 2021
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